Creations at Vidal Sassoon

Working with the Sassoon stylists for their creative presentations has no end of possibilities when we delve into the relationship our hair plays in our identity

The Salem Project

A creative presentation by Francesca Harrison (assistant creative director) and stage and performance created by Chloe Treend

The Music credits a random opera piece I used once for a London Club night ‘performance’ I used to run, followed by Marilyn Manson’s Theatre, followed and mixed with Peter Gundry’s The Witch’s curse from his album The unspoken Tales… ending with additional voice recordings I made on garage band.

Francesca was Inspired by the 1692 – 1693 Massachusetts Witch trials, I wanted to connect our natural nature to question and the nature of superstition with the Salem stories that eventually transcended into conspiracies, paranoia’s and eventually the burnings of anyone they hoped would removed all sins and obstacles that they believed in ignorance was preventing their progression and intentions.

Hair by Francesca Harrison
Assistant creative Director Vidal Sassoon South Molton St

Inspired by 80’s Japan